Safety Map

Our research has shown that 63% of women prefer to visit venues with safety initiatives in place.  

People are aware that venues like pubs, bars, and restaurants have Ask for Angela and safety training but want to know where these safe spaces are to plan their nights out.

 “I want to know where all these safe spaces are”

However they also tell us that they want everything on one free Personal Safety App that also has safety features like WalkSafe and HomeSafe. WalkSafe is the UK’s most downloaded personal safety with 5-star reviews

Icons help users to plan a safer night out

WalkSafe boosts awareness of safety initiatives, like Ask for Angela, anti-spiking, bystander awareness so that people choose to visit these venues on their nights out. 


Users want to visit venues with safety initiatives

81% of women who visit pubs, clubs and bars consider their safety when getting home. WalkSafe can provide safety information, journey planning & safety initiatives nationally all on one easy to use app!

Bradford was the first WalkSafe City

Our safety map helps people plan their night out and shows, venues accredited as safe spaces – Ask for Angela, Pubwatch, Best Bar None, live street Angels, Taxi ranks, police stations, Medical safe sites, in fact all the safety initiatives in each town and city. As many as 81% of women who visit pubs, clubs and bars report that they consider their safety when getting home, and 63% of females say they plan their route home before heading out.

Our Vision for the WalkSafe Safety Map

Working with Councils, BIDs and Business to help vibrant city centerscentres that have a strong personal safety culture. Over a third (37%) of women said that if they had access to a personal safety app which features a safety  map, live location tracking  and an SOS button, they would feel safer on a night out.

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Safety is front of mind for 64% of women when deciding to go on a night out - Research conducted by BBG UK&I 2022