WalkSafe is the key to student safety both on and off campus

Our WalkSafe Pro system can be personalised to each University with Geo-fences for specialised content as well utilising all of safety map features. It also allows the students to share journeys with University security teams, or our 24 hour monitoring partner; Lodge Services. Your university security team or the Lodge Security team will have live up-to-date location information to assist in dealing with an incident either on or off campus.

Our award winning free app; WalkSafe+ shows SafeSpaces locally so that students can plan safer nights out, while also sharing their journeys with friends and family, it automatically alerts if they don’t get to their destination on time.

Our package also maps the live location of the university security patrols and student Angels so that students can quickly see where they can seek help should they need it. WalkSafe Pro is simple to use and allows unlimited users making it inexpensive to run. 

How WalkSafe supports Higher Education

Our FREE personal safety app available on both the iOS app store and google play store. The app provides safe space information as well as connecting directly to WalkSafe Pro, our for higher education personal safety software.

WalkSafe are providing the tools for Universities & Night Time Economy Businesses to advertise their safety initiatives, that could be utilised by students on a night out or to plan a night out at a safety trained venue.


Higher Education campuses are increasingly aware of risks to their students as they walk to and from campus or while on a night out. Now you can help to ensure your students get home safely!

Our systems allow campus security teams or volunteer safety teams to map their live locations which will enable students to seek help should they need it. 

All WalkSafe+ users have the ability to report the location of community icons such as feeling unsafe, a lack of lighting through to more serious issues such as cat calling or unwanted touching.

The Benefits of using WalkSafe on your campus

WalkSafe Pro has twice as many features at half the price of other geofenced student safety apps. We have hundreds of 5 star reviews on the app store and can personalise our homepage and signpost to your university safety information so it looks like your own App, with the advantage of working nationally.

higher education

Students get personal safety information about their surroundings for FREE!

Higher Education

Mass check in features to allow quick communication with all students on or off campus

Higher Education

WalkSafe is available nationally and has 1m downloads with consistent 5* reviews

WalkSafe maps local relevant safe spaces such as Bars, clubs and pubs or staffed receptions across campus

Unique Geo-Fence opportunities to provide relevant information to students while on campus

Our Vision for student safety

We understand that students feel unsafe while travelling around campus at night or while out on a night out. We want to enable students to have as much personal safety information as possible for FREE! While supporting the students in the free app we also want to ensure that Higher Education establishments have the ability to support students with Safe Spaces, community reporting as well as geo fenced information relevant to the university. 

Reviews of the WalkSafe app

  • MammaBC

    Loving this!!

    Had the old app, but this is so much better! Better features, much better map and loving the circle of friends. So great I can check in on my friends after a night out when inevitably we sometimes forget. Keep keeping us safe WalkSafe. Get your loved ones to download!

  • hells bells 100

    Fantastic app

    This is an amazing app – helps me feel safe whenever I’m out alone. Would recommend it for anyone who who wants to always feel safe when out alone day or night.


  • Gemma Magee

    Great app!

    Crime rising in my local area, the up to date information helps me plan my safest route home.

    The trusted friends feature was easy to set up and a great way for me and my girlfriends to ensure we all get home safely.

  • s1.2.3.4


    No one can predict crime but this has given me a massive feeling of comfort that I can make sure my child is safe and I am safe when I am

    out and about and as a female it’s comforting that I have that support if needed from my husband and family

  • Ellen U

    Amazing reassurance!

    Love knowing what’s happened on my routes when going somewhere new or the same journey I take on a regular basis. Also enjoy having that reassurance in my pocket when making way home late at night or my friends. Instead of panicking when times passed. Thank you!!

If you would like to find out more about WalkSafe for Higher Education please get in touch with our team below