Workplace awareness: How companies are tackling VAWG

Workplace violence against women encompasses various forms that disproportionately affect women in the workplace across the board. Addressing VAWG in the workplace is a moral and legal imperative businesses need to tackle head-on on as companies have a legal responsibility to prevent instances of workplace violence. To address VAWG in the workplace, Walksafe created Walksafe Pro for businesses to help provide the same support Walksafe does to individuals but on a larger corporate scale. Walksafe provides a proactive approach to preventing and responding to incidents related to VAWG.

Walksafe Pro is managed by a security firm called Lodge Service who have pioneered specialised security and monitoring services for over 100 years. They are poised to respond to all distress calls and alerts as they happen while employees are commuting after hours and during the day whilst at work or out for lunch.

Whilst we will always advocate for companies to invest in Walksafe Pro, we understand that more needs to be done than jut a company-wide safety app. Many issues around VAWG are down to a lack of awareness and education with many workers not fully understanding what constitutes VAWG. Without adequate awareness and training, incidents of VAWG may go unnoticed, perpetuating a cycle of harm. 

Workplace meeting about VAWG
Workplace meeting to discuss how companies will tackle VAWG in the workplace

With a lack of education and awareness, comes a fear of reporting such issues as many victims may hesitate to report incidents due to a lack of knowledge as well as potential retaliation, disbelief or further harm to their reputations and careers. Bystanders who are not properly informed may also be reluctant to intervene. 

We can address all of these worries with our bespoke Safety Training days which we also run alongside our app to help provide more resources to your company when it comes to educating and raising awareness of VAWG in the workplace. Each course has been reviewed by former Metropolitan Police officers and detectives and delivered in a positive and safe environment that allows people to openly ask questions and learn about how they can reduce the occurrence of VAWG in the workplace.

As well as the Safety Seminars and the Walksafe Pro company-wide monitoring provided by Lodge Services, you can expect the same features Walksafe users are familiar with; A user-friendly design with simple and easy navigation. Our “SOS” feature button allows you to alert your close friends as well as Lodge Service, real-time location tracking that can be adjusted to your preferences, and Our Safety Map which allows you to plan your route with real-time data to plan the safest route possible. All these plus the above seminars and an extra layer of protection from Lodge Services will help your employers have peace of mind about their day, and positively contribute to their wellbeing which will result in higher staff retention and a happier workforce.

Walksafe Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate with your company and provide as much in the way of resources as you can want from it. All our packages are bespoke and moulded to the needs of your company. By working collaboratively we can address gaps in your HR Strategies and provide a comprehensive overview of how HR managers can help directly impact the eradication of VAWG from workplaces and help foster a better culture of tolerance and resilience.

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