Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact Our team is ready to help you and answer any of your questions.

If something isn't working how do I contact you?

Please let us know if you spot anything that doesn’t seem to work perfectly – email us

Why do you feature Safe Space icons on the WalkSafe safety map?

The safety map now features Safe Space venues across the UK.  Everyone tells us they want to plan safer nights out at pubs, clubs and restaurants that have safety initiatives in place. The WalkSafe safety map now shows the locations of venues that have been accredited by the police, councils or BIDs e.g. those who have Ask for Angela, Bystander training, Police LSAVI training or other safety initiatives. These are all marked within the icons on our map.

Why have the crime icons been replaced with a safety map of Safe Space icons?

Everyone wants to plan safer nights out and the WalkSafe safety map now shows venues that have been accredited as safe spaces. These are venues the police, councils or BIDs have approved e.g. those who have Ask for Angela, Active Bystander training or other safety initiatives. These are all marked within the icons on our map.

Do you need help setting up WalkSafe+

Please contact Our team is ready to help you and answer any of your questions.

Why does the WalkSafe shared journey sometimes take a long route to the destination?

WalkSafe uses roads and is powered by Google maps and Apple Maps. Occasionally this can be a longer main road route and you may know a safe short cut. We do not use pedestrian routes as this can take you across fields and tow paths.

Remember your local knowledge is key. The route highlighted may not be the safest. Always try and use streets that are well lit and where there are other people. WalkSafe will follow the route you take so your trusted friends can see where you

are. If you don’t want to be tracked use HomeSafe. Both features automatically alert your friends if you don’t get to your destination on time.

What if I report an icon on the map by mistake and want to remove it?

Deleting the report is very simple. Just click the icon and then in the dialogue box click the all good / bin and the icon is deleted in a few minutes.

Where is the crime map and how do I access it?

The crime map is still accessible however due to demand the map is now featuring safe spaces available across the UK. This helps everyone plan safer nights out. If you want to access the crime icons you can do this via the green menu button on the map and clicking “map preferences”. You need to turn the button on and the crime icons will appear.

Why are there no safe space icons in some cities?

We are working hard with councils and BIDs in all cities and towns to map their safety initiatives so people understand where they can go for a safer night out.

What if a safe space I visit doesn't seem to have the safety initiative working properly?

Please help us by using the feedback button in the safety icon. It is anonymous and will be reported back to the BID  or council so they can help retrain the venue. The feedback is simple with a couple of click buttons and the option for text only  if you want to use it.

How do I know if the community posts are correct ?

If you click on the post it tells you how many days ago it was reported, how many people agree and if you disagree you can hit “All good”

Please confirm you do not share my data and address?

We do not have your address on our system and we NEVER share data with anyone. You can view our privacy policy on the WalkSafe app and on our website.

Do you use Google maps in your app?

Yes the Android WalkSafe app uses the Google map system. We use Apple Maps for the iOS WalkSafe app.

When is WalkSafe rolling out to other countries?

Currently WalkSafe is only available in the UK, but we are working hard to bring WalkSafe to other countries soon. Follow our Instagram and Twitter feeds to keep up to date.

Are there any videos explaining how WalkSafe works?

Yes, see our Instagram page for all the features and how to use them.

I am a student in a new city, which features of WalkSafe should I use?"

  •        Safety Map – Helps people see the location of safety accredited venues across the UK, using interactive icons,  so they can plan safer nights out.


  •       WalkSafe – Going somewhere and want to share your journey with family or a trusted friend? Your location will update in real-time allowing your friends and loved ones to keep you safe on your journey.


  • HomeSafe – Set a specific place and a specific time, and share your journey plan with trusted friends and family. If you don’t successfully complete your journey, your loved ones are notified. (This feature is non-location sharing).


  • Follow Me – Walking the dog? Going for a run? Just wandering? Follow Me allows you to start a journey with no destination in mind. Simply select a length of time to share your location for and select friends to keep you safe then you’re good to go!


What if my phone battery is really low?

If you phone battery is 20% or lower. ‘Protectors’ are automatically notified so that they know of the low battery and can get in touch sooner.

As a teenager why should I use HomeSafe?

HomeSafe is designed for teenagers. Parents worry when you are out and insist on you being home on time or early. HomeSafe helps you agree a later time to get home on nights out. It reassures your parents so they don’t have to wait up until you get back. HomeSafe gives you more freedom but automatically alerts protectors if you need help.

How does WalkSafe help me negotiate a later curfew at the weekend?

With the HomeSafe feature, you can assure parents that they will be notified if something were to happen and they need to help you. Otherwise parents can rest easy knowing HomeSafe is ready and waiting when required.

I am a parent worried if my teenagers get home late at night - will WalkSafe help?

Yes, the HomeSafe feature is designed for this. Teenagers can send you a HomeSafe for the time they expect to get home. If they arrive early, you will receive a silent notification, if not you will get an alarm alert that they have not arrived.

Why is WalkSafe+ so different and better than sending messages?

Messaging is just when people are OK and remember to text rather than an automatic alert that there might be a problem. This way if you forget or something were to happen, WalkSafe+ will be ready to alert and automatically sends messages to your chosen trusted friends that you need their help. WalkSafe+ constantly scans the road ahead of you to warn you of danger spots

Will HomeSafe automatically send me a message tell me my partner has arrived on time?

Yes, HomeSafe will let you know whether they have reached their required destination and on time. If not, you will be notified to help where required.

How accurate is WalkSafe with chosen location points?

WalkSafe is integrated with maps and uses its location services. Accuracy will depending on your signal strength, and how precise you are with your location points.

What is “Live Street Support” on the safety map?

You will see on the map we have icons stating live street support operates in the area. This covers Street Angels, Street Marshalls, Pastors and all groups that operate late at night to help people in trouble. They ofer have water, flat shoes and other items of help. You will see “Live Beacons” on the WalkSafe Map which show the live location of these Angels as they walk around helping people. This allows you to quickly locate help if you or your friends need it on a night out.