Personal Safety Awareness

Our highly interactive personal safety awareness courses are delivered by former Scotland Yard Detectives, designed to give your employees a fully-rounded approach to personal safety in all aspects of their lives, from professional to personal.

Businesses are increasingly aware of risks to their employees as they commute to and from work, particularly during antisocial hours. WalkSafe seminars can give managers peace of mind that employees have practical advice on how to increase their personal safety and how to deal with dangers as they arise.

Our seminars have been devised with advice from former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police who specialised in police units tackling sexual violence against women. Our team of former Scotland Yard, Sapphire Team Detectives use real world situations past and present, to highlight methods of avoidance, and how to safely defuse and deflect unwanted behaviour for victims and intervention techniques for bystanders.

walksafe-numbers-07 - Crime Analysis
Presented by former Scotland Yard detectives specialising in violent assaults
walksafe-numbers-08 - Crime Analysis
Seminar based around everyday routine events, highlighting actual incidents
Methods of avoidance and advice on deflecting unwanted behaviour
Includes bystander intervention methods
Advice on how to use the free WalkSafe+ app to plan safer routes
Cost effective delivery of duty of care for employees