Emma's Story

As the daughter of a met police officer, we had many house rules to help my siblings and I stay safe when out and about. Nonetheless, unwanted behaviour started when I was 13. I’ve experienced catcalling, following, groping, flashing. These events are scary and unsettling, and stay with you.

Years volunteering at a community centre for people in crisis taught me that all women fear the streets at night. Safety is an issue affecting all women from all walks of life.

My career in childcare highlighted the importance of educating young girls and boys about issues like consent, gender bias and the importance of preventative actions.

However, it was the birth of my daughter two years ago that was my call to action. I didn’t want her growing up in this ‘normal’.

Following a series of family discussions, we founded WalkSafe.


The WalkSafe Products


Our FREE personal safety app available on both the iOS app store and google play store. The app provides safe space information as well as connecting directly to WalkSafe Pro, our for business personal safety software.


Businesses are increasingly aware of risks to their employees as they walk to and from work, particularly during anti-social hours. Now you can help to ensure your team get home safely!


WalkSafe are providing the tools for BIDs, Councils, and Businesses to advertise their safety initiatives  created to build a safety culture around a vibrant night time economy….


Our team can provide bespoke risk based security solutions to fit your business needs. These bespoke packages will help you to understand potential dangers for your staff and business locations.

Our Community

WalkSafe+ is the UK’s leading personal safety app which combines journey-sharing features and a national Safe Space map. The map plots safety-trained venues across the UK in partnership with Local Authorities and Businesses that offer safety facilities such as phone charging stations and free period products, enabling our users to find help in real-time while on their commute home. WalkSafe+ has a suite of tracking and non-tracking features available, which enables trusted friends to follow your live journey should you need it. 

With WalkSafe+ you can…

  • See safe space settings across the country that have been trained in Ask for Angela, Best Bar None, or Active Bystander (to name a few) so you can enjoy a safer experience out with friends and family.
  • Share local community concerns with the WalkSafe+ map to alert other users of issues such as poor lighting, large crowds, or restricted road access. 
  • Find live nighttime support within your local community such as street marshalls/ pastors/angels on the WalkSafe+ map.
  • Build your trusted circle of Friends, who can view your location or ETA when you choose to share it and share their own journeys. Functionality includes automatic notifications of a user’s last known location.
  • Activate the SOS button, alerting all of your trusted friends of your live location. 

The simple WalkSafe journey features


Protect yourself and protect others with HomeSafe. Set a specific place and a specific time, and share your journey plan with loved ones. If you don’t successfully complete your journey, your loved ones are notified. (This feature is non-location sharing).


Walking the dog? Going for a run? Just wandering? Follow Me allows you to start a journey with no destination in mind. Simply select a length of time to share your location for and select friends to keep you safe then you’re good to go!


Going somewhere? WalkSafe journeys differ from HomeSafe by allowing you to share your location with your trusted friends. Your location will update in real-time allowing your loved ones to keep you safe on your journey.

Just some of the fantastic reviews of WalkSafe

  • MammaBC

    Loving this!!

    Had the old app, but this is so much better! Better features, much better map and loving the circle of friends. So great I can check in on my friends after a night out when inevitably we sometimes forget. Keep keeping us safe WalkSafe. Get your loved ones to download!

  • hells bells 100

    Fantastic app

    This is an amazing app – helps me feel safe whenever I’m out alone. Would recommend it for anyone who who wants to always feel safe when out alone day or night.


  • Gemma Magee

    Great app!

    Crime rising in my local area, the up to date information helps me plan my safest route home.

    The trusted friends feature was easy to set up and a great way for me and my girlfriends to ensure we all get home safely.

  • s1.2.3.4


    No one can predict crime but this has given me a massive feeling of comfort that I can make sure my child is safe and I am safe when I am

    out and about and as a female it’s comforting that I have that support if needed from my husband and family

  • Ellen U

    Amazing reassurance!

    Love knowing what’s happened on my routes when going somewhere new or the same journey I take on a regular basis. Also enjoy having that reassurance in my pocket when making way home late at night or my friends. Instead of panicking when times passed. Thank you!!

We are on a mission to make the world a safer place

Walksafe has identified the need for digital solutions that help make people feel safe and secure. Our mission is to bring the worlds safety and security data into accessible apps and platforms giving users ‘safety at their fingertips’.

Our app WalkSafe does just that, bringing police crime data, community reported data and soon CCTV and ‘safe zone’ data together, all plotted on maps with information icons, allowing the user to plot safer journeys, understand local crime hotspots and to help others make better safety decisions.

The app also has a human ‘satnav’ feature, which allows the user to plot their walks avoiding trouble spots, and also inviting their ‘circle of protectors’ to monitor them on their journey. WalkSafe’s mission is to make everyone’s world a safer place, we believe our apps and our broader company strategy will do exactly that. 


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