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Emma's Story

As a daughter of a met police officer, we had many house rules to help my siblings and I stay safe when out and about.

Nonetheless, unwanted behaviour started when I was 13. I’ve experienced catcalling, following, groping, flashing. These events are scary and unsettling, and stay with you.

As an adult, the working world expanded my perspective to experiences beyond my own.

Years volunteering at a community centre for people in crisis taught me that all women fear the streets at night. Safety is an issue affecting all women from all walks of life.

Of course it’s not all men, but it is all women.

My career in childcare highlighted the importance of educating young girls and boys about issues like consent, gender bias and the importance of preventative actions.

However, it was the birth of my daughter two years ago that was my call to action. I didn’t want her growing up in this ‘normal’.

Following a series of family discussions, we founded WalkSafe.

We believe technology, combined with our vision, can genuinely help save lives.

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Emma Kay

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Michael Neligan

Chief Executive Officer
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Andrew Kay

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Asia Worgan

Growth Manager
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Ross Biscoe

Director & Former Senior Met Police Detective
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Emma Dagley

Product Manager
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Mason L'Amy

Lead Developer
Maxine Hume About WalkSafe

Maxine Hulme

Senior Advisor & Former Deputy Commissioner At The Met Police
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Stephanie Ritchie

Lead Crime and Intelligence Analyst
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Sally Kay

Company Director & Business Advisor
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James Grimshaw


On partnering with Fearless, Emma stated: “To help more women live without fear, who better to partner with than Fearless? With their best-in-class support, we’ll build a global safety brand that harnesses technology to help save lives. The entrepreneurial team shares our strong values, and with multiple successes under their belt, are the best partner to help us achieve our ambitious goals.”

Fearless Adventures wholeheartedly believes in Emma’s vision for WalkSafe and feels strongly about excelling on this platform.