Working in Agencies normally means late nights... WalkSafe Pro helps keep Employees Safe

Employees believe that their safety whilst commuting to and from work is a priority, and companies are looking for ways to keep their employees safe, particularly during dark and anti-social hours. For industries such as advertising, marketing & PR, late-night walks home can be completely unavoidable, and a safety initiative like WalkSafe+ Pro can make employees feel safer at work, improving staff happiness and retention.

WalkSafe+ Pro is an affordable solution for employee safety, making your team feel valued and empowered, and giving managers peace of mind that their team has arrived home safely.

The Benefits of using WalkSafe+ Pro for your agency

Agencies want an effective, cost-efficient solution for their staff safety. WalkSafe Pro helps Employees take responsibility for their own safety …and shows as a business you care.

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    Employees can share journeys or just their time of arrival
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    Automatic alerts if employees do not arrive home on time
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    Cost effective part of your employee safety culture
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    Used as a staff retention tool
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    Employees can use WalkSafe+ FREE in their personal lives
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Reviews of the WalkSafe+ app

  • MammaBC

    Loving this!!

    Had the old app, but this is so much better! Better features, much better map and loving the circle of friends. So great I can check in on my friends after a night out when inevitably we sometimes forget. Keep keeping us safe WalkSafe. Get your loved ones to download!

  • hells bells 100

    Fantastic app

    This is an amazing app – helps me feel safe whenever I’m out alone. Would recommend it for anyone who who wants to always feel safe when out alone day or night.


  • Gemma Magee

    Great app!

    Crime rising in my local area, the up to date information helps me plan my safest route home.

    The trusted friends feature was easy to set up and a great way for me and my girlfriends to ensure we all get home safely.

  • s1.2.3.4


    No one can predict crime but this has given me a massive feeling of comfort that I can make sure my child is safe and I am safe when I am

    out and about and as a female it’s comforting that I have that support if needed from my husband and family

  • Ellen U

    Amazing reassurance!

    Love knowing what’s happened on my routes when going somewhere new or the same journey I take on a regular basis. Also enjoy having that reassurance in my pocket when making way home late at night or my friends. Instead of panicking when times passed. Thank you!!

If you would like to find out more about how we can help protect the employees at your agency please get in touch with our team below