Tips for staying safe at Halloween

The only scary thing about Halloween should be the costumes. Every year many of us flock to the streets, bars, and parties to celebrate Halloween but this time of year can still be scary for some of us in a different way. There are parents letting their children trick or treat, perhaps alone and those attending parties where people are less indefinable which is enough to make anyone feel anxious.


We have some top tips for you to help you stay/feel safer this Halloween:


  1. Set up your Trusted Friends on your WalkSafe+ app.
  2. Make sure your friends have done the same.
  3. Set a WalkSafe or HomeSafe for your journeys.
  4. Check your travel options, public transport will be busier.
  5. If the worst should happen, sometimes people will be harder to indentify due to costumes. Keep a note of any distinctive features you can see in any unsafe situations.
  6. Work some type of reflective clothing into your costume.
  7. If drinking, stay hydrated.


WalkSafe+ can help elevate some of the stress caused by these situations whether that’s being able to track your child’s journey or using other features like HomeSafe or SOS, no one should have to feel that frightened even on Halloween.