One third of London's homicide victims in 2022 are Women

Thirteen out of thirty-nine homicide victims are women will all male suspects, in 2022 so far, according to a recent article on the BBC. The analysis that shows a slight increase on the same time last year has come after Mayor Sadiq Khan’s £17.7 million pledge to develop a strategy to help keep women safe.


In the London Mayor’s previous two manifestos, Mr Khan has pledged to tackle violence

with an innovative approach (2016 & 2021) however in that time there have been 141 cases of women and girls being murdered or victims of manslaughter.


Since his re-election to the Mayor’s role, Mr Khan has pledged to work closely with local authorities across London including the Met Police, NHS, night time venues and Transport For London (TFL). He not only wants to provide more support to Women and Girls but to also educate Londoners, particularly men about the dangers posed by misogynistic behaviours and attitudes. ‘This is an epidemic of violence that should shame us all’ .


(May 2022)