57% of UK women more likely to head to the pub to watch football following success of the Lionesses, says Budweiser Brewing Group research

Following the recent success of England’s Lionesses in the 2022 Euros, a poll of 1,350 women in the UK who love the beautiful game unveiled that 57 per cent are now more likely to head out to a pub to watch a match, the study conducted via OnePoll.com found.

With the Women’s World Cup on the horizon, 79 per cent believe another successful tournament for the Lionesses will empower even more women to watch more football at stadiums and in pubs. Despite widespread excitement about the upcoming tournament and the England team, one in three UK female football fans have avoided cheering their team on – because they are worried about their safety heading home at full time.

The poll found that there is widespread apprehension by women who love the beautiful game about their onward journey after watching a match in a pub or stadium.

Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I have partnered with personal safety app WalkSafe, an app that empowers more than 500,000 users to map a safe route home leveraging police data and safety information like taxi rank and police locations, to address these concerns. As long-time sponsors of sport, Budweiser Brewing Group wants to ensure everyone can enjoy watching the game, and can get home safely. 

51 per cent of those surveyed have avoided watching evening games so they don’t have to walk home in the dark. For 59 per cent, there are concerns about the large crowds that congregate after matches. 

The survey shows that 63 percent won’t let safety concerns diminish their love of football, while 62 per cent have managed to make new friends because of their shared passion for the sport.

Brian Perkins, President of Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I said: “Everyone should be able to enjoy a football match and not worry about getting home safely at the final whistle.

“But as the research shows, it is still a major concern for a significant number of female fans who simply want to cheer on their team.

“As a sponsor of football across the globe and this year’s Women’s World Cup and with the role our products play in bringing people together, we want to empower people to enjoy the game and get home safely.”

Emma Kay, Founder of WalkSafe, said: “An exciting summer of sport is already well underway, and with the incredible achievements of the Lionesses and a raft of other inspirational sportswomen, it’s no surprise more and more want to support these stars in pubs and stadiums.

“But as many have unfortunately discovered, getting back following the events isn’t always the most hospitable environment.

“That’s why it is important we continue our partnership with Budweiser Brewing Group, to help support our mission to make the world a safer place, giving our users the tools to put their personal safety first.”

The partnership between Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I and WalkSafe, which began last year, entails awareness campaigns and app enhancements. 

For more information please contact support@walksafe.io