The Signals are there to pre-empt offenders are there

In 2022 WalkSafe hosted the Women Leading the Change event which saw like minded individuals come together to discuss the epidemic of violence towards women and girls we find ourselves in today.


The evening was full of insightful, important conversation and included a panel lead by WalkSafe founder Emma Kay. Joining her on that night was feminist, and equality activist Karen Whybro alongside former Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Maxine Hulme.


Maxime taught us that from a policing point of view identifying the behaviour early, on those who may commit a crime like murder or sexual assault, is doable. ‘People don’t just arrive at a certain age and commit heinous crimes, there are a group of risk factors that accompany that before perpetrators get to that point’.

Domestic violence, abuse in childhood, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of role models and unregistered communities are just some of the risk factors that might lead to that type of behavior early on, even before school.

 ‘Other signal crimes such as flashing are taken seriously but the volume in terms of police just isn’t there to investigate and by the time you get to the offense the signals have been missed. ‘The police don’t always get it right, but they do try and investigate but the volume is just awesome’. 

Whilst the answer lies with education and the number of resources, the time it takes to get there is far too slow, however by having conversations like the ones at women leading the change and using safety tools like WalkSafe we can make strides in the right direction.