The Safety Paradox

We know men are more likely to be the victims of violent crime but it is statistically clear women feel less safe.


Karen Whybro, gender equality consultant and activist sat on our panel at our Women Leading The Change event and gave some insightful comments on the disparity in the feeling and perception of safety between the two groups she had recently run a survey on.


The survey that went to men and women had 19 statements about behavioural changes depending on how safe or unsafe they felt e.g. ‘take a taxi over public transport’ with answer options of always down to never. A very clear pattern appeared that women answered either ‘always do it’ or ‘usually do it’ compared with men who would ‘never do it’ or ‘occasionally do it’. In that respect top line data suggests there is paradox of fear around safety and women will more often change their behaviour. 


‘Until you start thinking about it yourself or until you have a daughter you think wow, why am i saying this? I can’t believe I am still in a position to teach my daughter this and if i had a son, I wouldn’t’.  That was the biggest takeaway for me’. – Karen.