Intrusive starring & communication about sexual harassment

Recently whilst traveling through London our Founder Emma learnt was on the topic of women’s safety with both her cab drivers there and back who both coincidentally had young daughters aged 19 and 21 that both work in central London. They told her that as a man they found it very hard to bring up the topic as they didn’t want to cramp their style or even take away their freedom so simply hadn’t.


Emma and the drivers spoke about the terrible things that go on and, through Emma’s own personal experience, in the past she had put on a stiff upper lip and added it to the list rather than contact someone she trusted. However, Emma explained to both drivers, we all know parents can be there for us but by starting the conversation explicitly it can make opening that line of communication a lot easier. 


Roughly around the same time of Emma’s conversation Transport for London (TFL) released a series of posters that highlights the issue of intrusive starring and how it is a form of sexual harassment. We ran our own WalkSafe Instagram poll to see what you thought. Our research found that 82% of followers who took part had experienced intrusive staring with 59% stating it took place on a train or tube. 

 We’ve learnt at WalkSafe we can all benefit and will be grateful for these types of conversations whether that is a father benefiting from knowing his daughter will reach out if they feel unsafe or a daughter knowing that they always have someone there for them. The polls we run help carry on the conversation and make more and more people aware of the daily situation women face. Open the lines of communication, help keep each other safe.