Glasgow assault sparks duty of care debate

In light of the ongoing train strikes we felt it necessary to share this article written back at the beginning of the year.


After finishing the late shift, at her hospitality job, Caitlin Lee had no choice other than to walk home as public transport had ended. During her walk, on the streets of Glasgow, she was assaulted. When she informed her employers of the horrible event and her grievance their response was far from what you’d expect top her. They felt their duty of care ‘did not extend beyond the workplace’. They did not believe their employees safety was their problem when commuting to and from work. 


This is exactly why we run our WalkSafe Safety Seminars. Led by former Scotland Yard Detectives, the seminars use real life scenarios to teach employees how to defuse, distract and intervene in unsafe situations. These methods of avoidance and using our Business Platform App allows the employer to provide a level of real safety and confidence to their employee and can help prevent such things like what happened to Caitlin.


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